Let’s take a step back and consider just why the genre is called “heavy metal”. At the time when the first few albums were released by such bands as Black Sabbath or Deep Purple, no one had really come up with a definition for their much, well, heavier outputs, so radio presenters as well as […]

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Black Sabbath are unanimously considered as the forebears of heavy metal: there’s no way around it, and including acts like Led Zeppelin in the family tree is, while correct, a disservice to the Ozzy Osbourne-fronted group. While Led Zep were always more influenced by blues, Black Sabbath were born as an actual blues-rock band, but […]

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Most people who scoff at heavy metal as a whole and its listeners would be surprised to learn that behind the birth of this style lie some very popular songs and bands, which outputs most of these same critics have even whistled or sang aloud, or that they associate with some of the most important […]

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The Truth About Heavy Metal

It’s been demonized, frowned upon, banned, even cited as a major source for the corruption and deviance of young generations (which is also a “quality” attributed to rap, or techno. Truth is, heavy metal has gone on to establish itself as one of the most creative, most inventive music genres of the modern era. Forget […]

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