Just like Mick Jagger, Jimi Hendrix or Jim Morrison, heavy metal has its fair share of iconic frontmen. From bat-eating Ozzy Osbourne, who will be performing live for the last time in 2018, to the unmistakable vocal prowess of Ian Gillan, there are many more singers you should know about:

  • Rob Halford: the leather-clad Judas Priest leader is immediately recognizable for his looks but the same can be said for his operatic voice.
  • Ronnie James Dio: this very much missed vocalist took Ozzy’s place in Black Sabbath and went on to have a successful solo career.
  • Bruce Dickinson: the success of Iron Maiden is largely due to the voice of their leader, who splits his time between the band and a successful career as a plane pilot.
  • Max Cavalera: the former singer from Sepultura, a remarkable voice who went on to participate in many other projects, in his native Brazil as well as abroad.
  • James Hetfield: Metallica’s head honcho has grown from a rebel kid to a muscular, imposing virtuoso who is regarded as metal’s most authoritative figure.
  • Alice Cooper: His theatrics and extravagant stage manners have informed and inspired younger colleagues such as Marilyn Manson.
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