Pollstar’s Year End Top 200 North American Tours (even if you don’t live in the U.S. and are reading this, you’ll be aware that tickets sold for a North American tour can make or break an artist more than those sold anywhere else on the planet) listed Metallica, Iron Maiden and the reformed Guns N’ […]

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Heavy metal is a type of rock music identified by boisterous misshaped guitars, determined rhythms, thick bass-and-drum sound, and vivacious vocals. People often connect heavy metal verses and staging with anger, hostility, and chauvinism. The usual band line-up incorporates a singer, a guitarist, a drummer, and a bassist. Console instruments are occasionally used to improve […]

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Heavy Metal’s New Subgenres

An always evolving style, heavy metal’s ways of staying on top of music and its lovers didn’t stop at the brief flirting between rock and rap with the nu metal label. While today music fans seem to be mainly interested in progressive metal, this doesn’t mean that that is all there is to the scene. […]

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Dance Like A Metaller

Contrary to popular (and mainstream media) belief, there is more than one way to dance at a metal event. Heavy metal has been around for close to 50 years and for sure it doesn’t sound the same as back then, so it’s only obvious that dance styles have also evolved. Dancing is not a minor […]

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The Metalhead and Its Style

One of heavy metal’s most recognizable features is, without a doubt, the way fans dress. Regardless of their geographical origins or other interests, there seems to be a universally accepted uniform among metalheads (the nickname for rabid listeners of heavy metals and others types of hard rock). First things first: black is the preferred color. […]

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It must be noted (and it must be clear, too, if you’ve read through the pages of this site) that heavy metal is a predominantly male scene. Machismo is at the core of the genre, so much so that for years Judas Priest’s Rob Halford couldn’t say he was gay and had to hide his […]

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