An always evolving style, heavy metal’s ways of staying on top of music and its lovers didn’t stop at the brief flirting between rock and rap with the nu metal label. While today music fans seem to be mainly interested in progressive metal, this doesn’t mean that that is all there is to the scene.

  • Djent, for instance, takes its name for a guitar playing technique mainly used by bands such as Meshuggah, and refers to a particular type of extreme progressive metal. Other important bands performing said technique are Textures, Tesseract or Sikht.
  • Metalcore fuses elements of metal and punk: notable bands in this field include Bullet for My Valentine, Killswitch Engage or As I Lay Dying.
  • NWOAHM stands for “New Wave of American Heavy Metal” and is a label used to describe bands that was heavily inspired by the European scene and couldn’t be included in other sub-genres. Among them, Deftones, Biohazard or Pantera.
  • Dillinger Escape Plan are among the world’s best known mathcore bands: this style fuses math rock and hardcore punk, meaning the extreme violent tunes by the bands thus labelled uses unusual time signatures, as with math rock bands (King Crimson, Ruins, Shellac).
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