While heavy metal has received a bad reputation from certain quarters (some people claim that it encourages violence, blah blah), this genre of music has been soothing our ears for decades now, and the bad reputation could in fact be as a result of misconception – call them myths, if you may. With the 1980s having witnessed some of the finest heavy metal singers, it is only logical to pay our tribute to that decade. And while many great songs were released by great artists and bands at that time, the following three songs played a role in defining the era.

Soldiers Under Command: This was a 1985 hit, which rocked the entire world of metal music. Ask anyone who was around at that time and they will tell you that it is the song which put Stryper among the elite metal bands. The song features a brutally heavy introduction riff, which will catch the attention of any listener. Add this to blistering solo guitars, metal screams, and guitar harmonies and you have a true definition of a heavy metal song.

Thor (The Powerhead): Released in 1984. While not every song of Manowar was a hit, the band would every once in a while get their mathematics right, and Thor (The Powerhouse) was one of those instances when the group did not disappoint. Its lyrics are particularly message-loaded, foreseeing the end of the world based on Norse mythology. Typical of heavy metal songs, this piece features prolonged screams, a melodic chorus, and loud guitar tones.

Holy Diver: I must salute James Dio on this one. He claimed that no one taught him how to sing, but whether that was true or not, the fact remains that he had a great voice, which is perhaps best reflected in his 1983 hit song, Holy Diver. The song is about the redemption of humanity by Jesus Christ. Great masterpiece there!

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