One of heavy metal’s most recognizable features is, without a doubt, the way fans dress. Regardless of their geographical origins or other interests, there seems to be a universally accepted uniform among metalheads (the nickname for rabid listeners of heavy metals and others types of hard rock).

First things first: black is the preferred color. That applies also to jeans or leather trousers, which are usually tight fitted (although bell bottoms are not uncommon, and a homage to Cliff Burton, one of the heroes of the genre and the original bass player in Metallica.

Jean jackets or leather jackets, preferably the type worn by bikers, are also of the essence.

Shoes can vary: at concerts around the world work boots have been seen, as well as biker-style boots and even Chuck Taylors.

T-shirts are the final touch. They usually communicate the love for an obscure or pioneering heavy metal band. Lately, VIPs that have nothing to do with the scene have started to wear them en-masse: this has caused an outrage among the community. For the likes of Kanye West or Kim Kardashian, a t-shirt is just a fashion statement, but to these guys it’s a way of life.

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